Dr. Lance Terry | Lewisville

Dr. Lance Terry | Lewisville

When I was young I saw my mother, who was in bed for weeks with severe back pain, get better by seeing a Chiropractor. As a 12 yo kid I was amazed watching him adjust her spine and her feel better after each visit. I had over-heard my father tell her we couldn't afford to go more than a few times so I watched him and talked her into letting me "stretch" her like I watched him do.

I never thought I was bright enough to be a an actual Chiropractor and do this for a living until a Chiropractor, who I met when I was 17, drove me to Parker and showed me the college and talked me into considering it. He had confidence in me that I didn't have in myself, that I could be a great Chiropractor.

My favorite part about being a chiropractor?  The many days when a patient says: "Thanks doc,  I've tried everything and you are the only one who truly listened and helped me get better".

For over 20 years, having the camaraderie with other staff and doctors and other medical professionals and attorneys, that all look forward to doing all we can to help patients not only get better but make a positive difference in their lives and health.

I have 3 beautiful daughters. My youngest is finishing college and will be an amazing wedding and special event planner, my older two are married to greater men  than myself, which is all a dad hopes for, and starting their lives. Did I mention my oldest daughter had my first handsome grandson?!!  So other than secretly being batman and imagining putting away the terrible people in the world, I love spending time with my gorgeous girlfriend.  Love is all you need whaa whaa whaa whaa.